Hill's Complete
Carpet Care, Inc.
We treat your home like our home!

Professional Services

We at Hill's are proud to offer a wide range of services to fit all your needs. We offer repair services for carpet as well as restoration of Hard Surface flooring; such as Tile, VCT, LVT, and Hardwood. We also offer a wide selection of odor solutions to combat those pesky scents that invade your home.
​Residential Cleaning
  • Entry Til Exit

Carpet Repairs
  • Patch Pet Digs
  • Dye Bleach Spot
  • Repair Transition Strips
  • Mend Carpet Seams 
  • Stretch Carpet    

​​Commercial Cleaning 
  • Carpet Restoration

Water Extractions
  • 24/7 Emergency Hotline
  • Flooding Crisis Help

Tile & Grout Cleaning 
  • Restore Shine
Odor Solutions
  • Ozone Machines 
  • Smoke Odor Solutions Cartridges
  • Mist Fogging Services (using Microban)
  • A/C System Clean Outs

Hardwood/LVT Restoration 
  • Long Term Solutions to Carpet Flooring 
  • Susceptible to Long Term Tarnish & Wear
Any rooms over 210ft equals TWO rooms. 
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  1. Residential Cleaning
    From entry til exit, Hills will treat your home like our home. We prioritize your needs and will do what it takes to deliver a quality service at competitive pricing.
  2. Commercial Cleaning
    If you are looking for a reliable vendor that won't cut corners, then you have come to the right provider. With extensive experience providing affordable carpet restoration, Hills is ready to be the next integral part of your turn team.
  3. Odor Solutions
    Hill's has several options to combat pesky odors that invade your home. We offer Ozone machines, Smoke Odor Solution cartridges, Mist Fogging services using Microban, and A/C System Clean outs.
  4. Carpet Repairs
    Carpet can be a wonderful amenity in a home but it can also become worn over time. Hill's can patch pet digs, dye bleach spots, repair transition strips, and mend carpet seams. We also offer carpet stretching to take out those annoying folds and humps.
  5. Water Extractions
    Whether is a simple A/C leak to a disastrous water main break, Hills is there to begin your recovery process. With a 24/7 emergency water extraction hotline, we are on standby to help you when a flooding crisis strikes.
  6. Hardwood/LVT Restoration
    Though one of the most economical long term solutions to carpet flooring, it is also susceptible to long term tarnish and wear.
  7. Tile and Grout Cleaning
    Years of mopping and off the shelf cleaners has steadily diminished the shine of your once brilliant hard surface flooring. Call today to see how we can restore and bring-to-life worn flooring.