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We service a radius of 65 miles from our facility in Hillsborough, NC.

General Cleaning
Carpet Repairs
Hardwood Surfaces
Odor Solutions
Upholstery/Area Rug Cleaning
Commercial/ Apartment Complex Cleaning
General Cleaning

From entry til exit, Hills will treat your home like our home. We prioritize your needs and will do what it takes to deliver a quality service at competitive pricing.

  • Our general cleans include shampoo and deodorizing.
  •  Everything we use is Eco-Friendly and Safe-To-Use!
  • We also offer water only clean for our customers who are sensitive to smells. Our technician will raise the temperature of their cleaning wand, so you will still get the same clean!

 **Please note that we consider any room over 210sqft to be two rooms**

Carpet Repairs

Carpet can be a wonderful amenity in a home, but it can also become worn over time. Let Hill’s try at repairing your carpet before you pay for rolls of new carpet. Best of all, our Estimates are FREE!

  • Let us help you out with:                         We also offer these products to help out:
    • ​Patching Pet Digs                                         2 Step Pet Treatment
    • Dying Bleach Spot                                       Deodorizer Block
    • Repairing/Replacing Transition Strips         Boosting
    • Replacing Tackless Strips                            Germicide Odor Control
    • Mending Carpet Seams
    • Stretching Carpet
    • Power Stretch Carpets
    • Color Staining Removal

Hardwood Surfaces

Though hardwood is one of the most economical long term solutions to carpet flooring, it is also susceptible to long term tarnish and wears. Years of mopping and off the shelf cleaners has steadily diminished the shine of your once brilliant hard surface flooring, call our office today to see what we can do for your hardwood surface!

  • Check out the different hardwood flooring we can help with make shine:
    •  Tile/Grout
    • VCT
    • LVT
    • Hardwood

Hill’s can repair and make these surfaces shine like new! We are also able to seal and wax your surface for a longer-lasting effect!

Odor Solutions

Hill’s has several options to combat pesky odors that invade your home. Whether you are a manager getting a unit ready for a new resident or a new homeowner, we offer these solutions in case of any bad odors from smoking or years of cooking.

  • Ozone Machines (Commercial Use Only)
    •  The most popular odor control solution available. These machines convert Oxygen molecules to Ozone gas.
  • Smoke Odor Solutions Cartridges
    •  These cartridges wick essential and live Enzyme meant to tackle the Smoke Odor spectrum
  • Mist Fogging Services (using Microban)
    •  Emits Microban in a fine particulate intended to kill a wide spectrum of bacteria on contact.
  • HVAC System Clean Outs
    •  This service physically removes bacterial deposits that accumulate at the intake of your A/C system.

Upholstery/Area Rug Cleaning

Did your pet have an accident on your favorite rug? Call our office to see if we can save it from the dump! Or let Hill’s help you out while we clean your carpets. We can do most area rugs and upholstery, as long as they are steam cleanable.

  • Drop off your rugs to our shop, and we will call you when they are clean and dry!
  • We also also offer Mattress and Drapery cleaning!

If you are thinking about dropping off your area rug at our shop, please be aware that we take pride in our work, so we prefer to hold your area rugs for a week in case of any staining or smell that might return after a clean. However, we understand if a faster return is needed, just let us know!

Commercial/ Apartment Complex Cleaning

If you are looking for a reliable vendor that won’t cut corners, you have come to the right provider. With extensive experience providing affordable carpet restoration, Hills is ready to be the next integral part of your turn team.

  • At Hill’s, we want to provide the best service every time, so that is why we also offer Emergency Water Extractions! Someone will always be on call 365 days a year, 24/7!
    • We have Dehumidifiers and Carpet Fans ready for any situation.
    • There will not be up-charge for holidays!
  • We provide same-day services in case of unexpected move-ins.
  • We also provide Estimates and Pet Checks for free!
  • Portable Cleaning is also available!
    • For Mid-Rise and High-Rise cleaning jobs.
  • Hill’s is an approved vendor through:
    • RealPage 
    • Vendor Verify             
    • Net Vendor 
    •  Registry Monitoring Insurance Services
  • Hill’s is also set up with OPS Technology, Vendor Cafe, Vendor Access, and Nexus Connect!

Call our office to get a Price Sheet and more information for your Apartment Complex!

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