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Through-out a home there are often numerous area rugs that compliment the living space and provide extra comfort to guests and family. Whether you have wool, polyester, cotton, silk or olefin, an area rug looks great for many years and defines the mood of your living space. When your area rugs collect soil, debris, and oil over time they begin to look flattened, dirty, and can become quite odorsome.

Hill’s Complete Carpet Care employs highly trained, IICRC certified technicians that utilize leading industry standards to provide the highest quality clean possible. Hills offers at home cleaning, given the right drying location, or pickup and delivery for your area rug cleanings.

Cleaning Your Area Rug

Cleaning your area rug begins with first identifying the material the rug is made from. Depending on the material the rug has been fabricated from will determine the cleaning procedure. 

At-Home Clean or Delivery

If you have a a suitable place for the rug to dry then Hills can clean your rug at home. If you prefer, or no suitable drying location is available, Hills can pick up your area rug, clean, and return it back to your home once it's dry.

Maintenance and Repair

All of our labor services also apply to area rugs including spot dying, pet treatment, gum removal, and trimming. Hills can also apply protectant to your high traffic area rugs.

Home Cleaning Tips

When spot cleaning from home, avoid using harsh detergents. Apply a rinse cycle to your cleaning procedure and remove as much residue as possible. Avoid getting the fringe wet, most likely they will brown if you do.

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