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Our carpets make our intimate living spaces comfortable to walk on, easy to maintain, and provide a soft surface to support our lifestyle. As we live comfortably on these cushioned surfaces, they begin to accumulate miles of dirt, debris, and oils from the different facets of our lives.

Hill’s Complete Carpet Care employs highly trained, IICRC certified technicians that utilize leading industry standards to provide the highest quality clean possible. Whether you have a home full of kids, pets, or you live in solidarity, Hill’s provides a high quality solution for your needs.

Cleaning Your Carpet

Hills uses truck mounted hot water extraction machine to remove built up dirt, debris, and oil from your carpets.

  1. First we inspect your carpet to identify tough stains. 
  2. We then pre-spray your carpet with the right solution for your carpet.
  3. After that we agitate the carpet fibers releasing the dirty layer clinging to your carpet fibers. 
  4. Next we use a hot water extraction process to remove the dirt, debris, and oil from your home. 
  5. We then finish by raking your carpet fibers up right to dry well and look it's best. 

Stain Removal Experts

Do you have some tough stains, heavy traffic lanes, or stretching needed in your home? Ask about our labor services for:

  • Stains: Bleach, Kool-Aid, Wine, rust, Water, Clay or Dirt, Water-Based Paints, candle wax, Food, Pet, Blood, and More.
  • Worn Traffic Areas | Brighten & Revitalize
  • Carpet Stretching | Remove Trip Hazards
  • Transition Strip Installation and Upgrades
  • Patching | Remove Permanent Stains

Protecting your Floor

Consider protecting your carpet with Carpet Floor Protectant after your next carpet cleaning. By adding protectant to you carpets your floors will last longer and clean up extraordinarily well once activated by our hot water extraction process. 

Maintaining Your Carpets

Regular vacuuming will greatly lengthen the life of your carpets. We recommend vacuuming your carpet weekly to remove surface dirt and debris.

Home Cleaning Tips

Staining happens periodically, especially if you have children or pets. If your carpet is brand new, or you have had protectant applied in the past, then you may be able to remove the majority of the stain with a quick simple fix. 

Heat up water in a microwavable safe container till it's just about to boil. By applying this very warm water to your stain, you will activate the protectant allowing it to wick to a cloth or paper towel. 

Remove layers of dirt and Oil 

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