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Our homes are full of bacteria, both good and bad. A Lot of bacteria is essential to our long term health and wellness but there is a spectrum of bacteria that provides the opposite effect. It takes careful analysis and application to remove the unwanted bacteria and keep the right bacteria in your home.

Hill’s Complete Carpet Care employs highly trained, IICRC certified technicians that utilize leading industry standards to provide the highest quality solution possible. Utilizing a wide arsenal of industry tools, Hills is ready to help you achieve the perfect odor climate.

Deodorization with your Clean

When your carpet is cleaned, the hot water extraction process physically removes odor causing bacteria from the fibers of your floor.

Smoke Odor Solutions

Smoke Odors lingering effects leave a stale pungency. To combat this odor, Hills utilizes a variety of industry tools, knowledge, and products to address the complex unwanted after effects of smoking.

Pet Odor Treatment

We all adore our four-legged friends, but accidents occur from time to time. When you have pervasive pet odors, it's time to treat your carpet with Hill's Pet Odor Treatment. Once the odor causing areas have been located, a special cleaning agent is used to break down the odor causing bacteria so our hot water extraction may remove it from your carpet. 

Anti-Microbial & Viricide

If you have ever came home to a musty smell, then you likely uncovered some form residual water where you found that musky odor. Hills Germicide Odor Control eliminates the bacteria causing the musky odors leaving your carpet cleaned and sanitized.

Remove Pesky Odors

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