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Your Tile and Grout provides a tough and beautiful hard surface through-out your home but over time these surfaces become heavily soiled and grout lines begin to darken. In order to fully restore your Tile and Grout to its original shine a deep clean, rinse, and protectant application should be added to your maintenance routine.

Hill’s Complete Carpet Care employs highly trained, IICRC certified technicians that utilize leading industry standards to provide the highest quality clean possible.

Cleaning Your Tile and Grout

First we will determine the best cleaning method based on what type of Tile and Grout you have and its condition. Using our hot water extraction process, we will strip away old cleaning solvents and sealants. After we have neutralized the surface, we apply a finishing coat that hardens into a clean long lasting polish.

Sealing your Floor

Hills Tile and Grout service package includes sealing your floor, protecting it similar to the way wax protects your car. With our selection of sealants your floor may have a vibrant polished finish or a muted matte finish depending on your preference. 

Maintaining Your Floor

Our maintenance kit utilizes our sealant formula for areas needing a touch-up without having to reseal the whole floor. Bring heavily trafficked areas or spill sites back to their full luster and shine with a quick wipe and fast 20 minutes dry time.

Home Cleaning Tips

When cleaning your Tile and Grout floor, begin by vacuuming, dust mopping, or sweeping the surface. Treat only the spots that need cleaning and avoid using harsh chemical cleaners, the closer to a neutral PH the better. Resist using a sting or sponge mop to clean your Tile and Grout to prevent oversaturation and damage to your floor.

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